We shape our buildings; thereafter, our buildings shape us.

Winston Churchill   


Young Photographers Summer Camps with Outside the Lens

Summer 2017

Take It to the Streets: Street Photography

You see the world around you in your own unique way: A colorful mural, a funny moment, a hidden story...street photography is about showing people your world, through your eyes. You’ll learn tips and tricks on your DSLR, and techniques street photographers use to capture the moments, objects, people, and places that they see. Then, test your skills with a special architectural photo tour of La Jolla.

Dates: July 10-14, 2017
Pricing: $240 Half-day (9:30–12:00pm) / $320 Full-day (9:30–3:30pm)
Location: La Jolla Historical Society
Grades: 6th – 8th Graders


Take it to the Beach: Beach Photography

Capture summer through the lens in this weeklong photography and film workshop! Dive into landscape, portraiture, action, surf & underwater photography, and even short films as you soak up the sun and become a pro beach life photographer.

Dates: July 17-20, 2017
Pricing: $240 Half-Day (9:30–12:00pm) / $320 Full-Day (9:30-3:30pm)
Location: La Jolla Historical Society
Grades: 6th – 8th Graders


Flashbacks: Film Photography & Alternative Photo Processes

Take a step back in time to explore the photographic history of San Diego, discover some of photography's earliest techniques, and learn from the masters who used them best. Test out a 4x5 camera, capture & develop film, try out alternative photographic processes, and explore the past and present through an architecture tour of La Jolla! For the intermediate or advanced student who wants to expand their photographic horizons!

Dates: July 24-28, 2017
Pricing: $240 Half-Day (9:30–12:00pm) / $40 Supply Fee
Location: La Jolla Historical Society
Grades: 9th – 12th Graders


Documentary Filmmaking Workshop

Do you have passionate opinions? Are you fascinated by individuals and their personal stories? In this workshop we'll study various forms of documentary filmmaking, from traditional methods to experimental and hybrid forms, and apply those skills toward creating your own short documentary film, going through the phases of pre-production (planning, storyboarding), production (filming, sound, lighting, interviewing, direction), and post (editing, sound).

Dates: July 31-Aug 4, 2017
Pricing: $320 Full-Day (9:30-3:30pm)
Location: La Jolla Historical Society
Grades: 6th – 9th Graders


Young Architects Summer Program

Young Architects Summer Camps will not be held in 2017, but will return in the summer of 2018!  Check back with us in March 2018!

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LJHS Internships

The La Jolla Historical Society offers ongoing opportunities for higher education undergraduate or graduate students to work on archival and content-based projects. Please contact the Society’s staff Archivist.