How will we know it's us without our past?

--John Steinbeck Grapes of Wrath   

2020 Exhibitions

LJHS exhibitions are sponsored in part by ArtWorks San Diego

Tijuana 1964: The Photography of Harry Crosby

February-March & October-November, 2020

Harry Crosby moved to La Jolla as a boy in 1935.  In the 1950s, he had 12-year career as a science teacher at La Jolla High School, then pursued a second career in photography and history.  One of his early assignments was to photograph Tijuana, where he discovered and recorded the vibrant life of the city and neighborhoods beyond common tourist areas.  The rich photographic images he created of Tijuana’s urban and human landscapes chronicles community life and daily events. Tijuana 1964: the Photography of Harry Crosby presents an exhibition of original photographs from the period, crossing the international border to explore the shops, arcades, street vendors, fashions, vehicles, curios, churches, cemeteries, and diverse urban neighborhoods of the bustling Mexican city more than a half-century ago.  Curated by Melanie Showalter.

Funding for this exhibition generously provided by Sandy and Dave Erickson, Margie and John H. Warner Jr., the Florence Riford Fund of the San Diego Foundation, and ArtWorks San Diego.

The Society is immensely grateful for loans from the photographic collection and for the support of the Instituto Municipal de Arte y Cultura (IMAC), the Museo de Historia de Tijuana (MUHTi), and the Archivo Histórico de Tijuana (AHT); for additional materials from the Crosby Baja Collection at the University of California, San Diego; and for the support of the Institute for Regional Studies of the Californias at San Diego State University.