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Tigers, Unicorns, and Puppy Dog Tales

September 23, 2023 – January 21, 2024

The Green Tiger Press, Unicorn Cinema and Mithras Bookstore landed among us in the high-spirited days of the 1960s – forces of wonder, magic and fantasy alighting in a world pulled apart by protest marches and the counter-culture movement. Although operating in the different mediums of an independent publishing house (Green Tiger), a film venture (The Unicorn) and a bookstore (Mithras), all three shared a common pursuit – presenting and sharing whatever they found to be truly marvelous whether it was fairies and fantastical beasties. . . or Jacques Tati . . .or Rilke. They also shared common founders in Harold and Sandra Darling, whose genius for eyeing the fantastical was equaled only by his wit to write under Welleran Poltarnees, a pen name after a folk hero created by Lord Dunsany, the British royal who amused himself writing fairy and ogre stories. Green Tiger printed children’s books (books for adult children as well!) operating out of an old car showroom in downtown San Diego. The Unicorn and Mithras, concealed behind inconspicuous facades near the corner of Pearl Street and La Jolla Blvd., became legendary La Jolla landmarks, known for edgy presentations and eye for the offbeat as well as celebrations of the classics, both in film and literature. With various lines of books, calendars, notecards by artists and illustrators such as Cooper Edens, Michael Hague and Richard Kehl, Green Tiger built a reputation for excellence in the publishing world. The Unicorn, becoming the first theater in this country to win the prized Cahiers du Cinema award, attracted growing crowds of artists and cineastes, including Ken Kesey who stopped for a visit on his Magic Bus tour, and Andy Warhol, who screened the early rushes for his surf film there in the late 1960s. Today, Green Tiger continues to operate its publishing venture in Seattle. The Unicorn and Mithras closed in 1984 after two decades of operation. The La Jolla Historical Society presents this exhibition as a celebration of the fantasy and wonder that was – and is – Green Tiger Press, the Unicorn Cinema and the Mithras Bookstore. Curated by Carol Olten.

Funding for this exhibition generously provided by Barbara Freeman, Henry and Carol Hunte, Ann Zahner, Nancy Warwick, Jeffrey D. Shorn + Charles S. Kaminski Trust, Michael Mahan, Margie and John Warner, Elizabeth and Ron Davidson, and Max Elliott.

Order/Disorder: Belonging in Nature

February 10 - May 26, 2024

This exhibition brings together five artists from California and Tijuana that explore the beauty and complexities of our natural environment highlighting coastal habitats with specific work being created about La Jolla. Diverse works of art, including sculptures, paintings, cyanotypes and installations, will speak to the relationship between humanity and nature through the lens of protecting our natural resources. Featured artists include Courtney Mattison, Annalise Neil, Kline Swonger, Oscar Romo and Britton Neubacher.

Curated by Danielle Deery