Architect Cedric Price and I collaborated on the idea of a portable museum...a picture frame, about two by three inches, which became the museum's structure...a minuscule museum on the move...

Hans Ulrich Obrist in Ways of Curating (2014)   

The Teeny Tiny Traveling Exhibition

2018 | 2020

Twelve architects, each in turn, are asked to create a sketch.  The subject matter is broadly defined; it could be the individual architect’s favorite historic building, or a favorite building of their own design, or an unrealized project they have a concept for but is unbuilt, or a detail of a project.  The requirements of the sketch are dimensional: a format of two (2) inches by three (3) inches with a horizontal orientation. Once created, the sketch will be placed in a small frame, and travel in the coat pocket of LJHS Executive Director Heath Fox. It will be shown at small group meetings in locations occasioned by the Director's work schedule. Each architect's sketch will travel in this way and be shown for a period of two months, after which it will transition online to this webpage. After the two year traveling period needed to accommodate the twelve sketches, the original sketches will become part of the LJHS archival collection, and the digital exhibition will reside online, creating a record of architectural gestures at the end of the 21st century’s second decade.  Curated by Heath Fox.

Laura DuCharme Conboy AIA

Virginia Way from Olivette Lane, La Jolla | September-October 2018